Oh, Malcolm, you are true to form – By AIMN

By Mark Clifford

Does the name Godwin Grech ring a bell with anyone?

Of late I have been saying and writing such profound words like ‘Malcolm Turnbull is a wolf in sheep’s clothing’, ‘Malcolm Turnbull is a liar’, ‘Malcolm Turnbull is a sneak’ and many other such attributes befitting a sly democratic/dictator in the making.

Just think back to when Kevin Rudd was deposed and likewise Tony Abbott, they both sat in the Parliament seething and bemoaning their demise and it was written all over their faces, and we all knew it was only a matter of time before they struck like a viper, although in Abbott’s case it is still a case of ‘watch this space’. With Malcolm it was a case of slimy, sneaky, smiling, sickly ‘I love you Tony’ and the rest is recent history.

Malcolm Turnbull has many houses in Australia and around the world plus a nice beef farm and of course he lives in his ‘little’ $55million abode at Point Piper but his main investments are not in Australia, where if he had faith he would be investing in infrastructure but in Hedge Funds based in the Cayman Islands.

Hedge Fund – definition

noun: hedge fund; plural noun: hedge funds

  1. an offshore investment fund, typically formed as a private limited partnership, that engages in speculation using credit or borrowed capital.

People who make it from nothing to super wealthy are applauded by society but almost without exception they have skeletons in their closets in one form or another and they all profess to be nice people just like the public perception of Malcolm Turnbull. I must admit that when he booted that jackass Abbott out of the chair I was hooked momentarily by Malcolm’s ‘niceness’ but when he opened his mouth he soon showed his colours and at the same time Bill Shorten suddenly grew up and also grew on me as a formidable opponent against the righteous Right in this country. I can now say I watch and listen to Shorten intently whilst I listen to Turnbull for 15 seconds and fall asleep, he is one big flop. I’ve said it before, you only hide your assets in the Cayman Islands if you indeed have something to hide because the Cayman banking system is British mandated with British governance therefore it is deemed to be safe but at the same time very convoluted so as to almost prevent forensic investigation from succeeding.

As far as the NBN is concerned, I worked in this industry all my working life and the Malcolm Turnbull model was doomed from the start and is in fact RATSH*T based on industry stories. Just the complex interoperability of the multitude of platforms was enough to doom this setup and almost double the cost and to top all that off, deliver no real speed increase.

I’m sure that Malcolm didn’t ring the AFP and tell them when to raid the Labor Party people but I bet one of his hacks (remember Godwin Grech?) had words to the effect “How is the investigation into the government leaks about the failure of the NBN going constable Plod?” Constable Plod replies “Eh yeah, was going to wait until after the election, sir.” Hack then seals the deal; “Your budgetary needs are coming up for review soon.” Plod in a trembling tone. “Yes sir, tell the boss we are onto it straight away”. This is fictional of course.



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