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HAMA:  One of our readers disputed the images in the photographs herein-above.  I have received confirmation that, in fact, the smiling carcass to the right is that of Abu Maalik who is seen in the photograph to the left stepping on a dead female whom he, presumably, killed.  I am in possession of a report which indicates that Abu Maalik was killed in an SAAF bombing run and succumbed to shrapnel in his rat brain.  At his last breath, my source tells me, a Wahhabist shaman told him susurrantly that he would be accepted into Paradise, all the while with a tongue stuck outwardly in his cheek.

In the meantime, Canthama sent me the picture below which clearly displays the rest of the degenerates who participated in the murder of the innocent civilians of Al-Zaara.   Given the intensity of the battle to reclaim the village, it is very likely most of these vermin have been sent to the same cesspool in which Abu Maalik is now floating.


Canthama sends this photo of the slobbering hogs who perpetrated the massacre at Al-Zaara. Never forget their faces.

 Al-Zaara:  The Syrian Army is reportedly on fire after news of the massacre was made general.  With eyewitness testimony on television and interviews conducted by reporters, not to mention soldiers coming into contact with survivors, there will be no quarter given in the battle to restore the town to central government control.  Fighting is extremely intense.  I have been information that the villagers told the field officer in charge that they did not care about their homes, in effect giving the army the right to exterminate every breathing four-legged parasite inside.  It is now happening, as I write.  We are predicting the restoration of government control over Al-Zaara during the next 48 hours.  The rats cannot survive the pounding they are getting.



الجيش السوري وحلفاؤه يطلقون هجوماً معاكساً لاستعادة الزارة في ريف حماة___________________________________________________________



القنيطرةAl-Ba’ath City:  Wouldn’t it be nice if the rats could occupy a city named after the Ba’ath Party?  Well. Wouldn’t it?

It all started with a barrage of artillery fire from rodent positions at Hameediyya and West Al-Samdaaniyya.  It was followed by a suicide bomber who couldn’t quite reach SAA and NDF positions to the west.  The truck he was driving went up in flames as he slowly basted in the purifying fires of Kali.  The focus of the attack was the Al-Khadami Quarter which sustained some material damage.  Whatever the case, this Zionist-inspired attack by Nusra/Alqaeda was a disastrous failure as evinced by the sounds of ambulances rushing the wounded rodents pell-mell to Zionist quack hospitals around Safad where rodents are resuscitated in order to kill Syrian civilians again.



الجولان قلبُ بلادِ الشامِ وممرُّ دمشقَ إلى القدس  الحلقة الرابعة: الجولان بين عدوّين  _____________________________________________________



الجيش السوري يسترجع عددا من النقاط بمحيط حقل شاعر ويوسع سيطرته بالغوطة الشرقيةAl-Shaa’er Mountain:  The SAA now occupies all hills around this area overlooking the scattering hyenas of ISIS.  The SAA has taken control of 2 extremely important heights:  Tallat Maajid and the ‘Uqayrabaat Axis Point.  Flying advanced Sukhoi bombers, the SAA and RuAF are devastating ISIS groupings and vaporizing headquarters and c&c bases especially at Al-Mahr Mountain where the SAA under cover of the air forces has taken back the strongpoint of the “Lost Battalion” about 8kms from the Tayfoor Airbase.  We can confirm the deaths of scores of rodents as seen both from the air, the ground and from intercepted rodent chatter.


سوخويRussia is back.  In full force.  In Homs and Aleppo, Sukhois dominate the skies.  It is expected that Khaan Toomaan will be obliterated and its rodents with it.


This Russian T-90A tank just finished exterminating a group of ISIS rats around the area of Palmyra. (Thanks, Silvia Iranova)



Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer:  This is the most important HQ for Nusra and Jaysh Al-Islam.  They cannot afford to lose it.  But, Zibdeen is almost as important, and they are on the verge of losing that as the SAA and its allies in HZB and the PDC continue the onslaught.  At Zibeen, extremely intense fighting is going on with the SAAF dominating the skies.  Nusra and JI MANPADs are not effective due to the high-flying bombers deployed by the SAAF.  Even our helicopters equipped with new Russian technology are defying the most hostile wishes of the grimacing rodents awaiting their voyage to Hell.

We are advancing at Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer against the very best that Jaysh Al-Islam and Nusra/Alqaeda can offer at the eastern side of the town.  With the Syrian Army on the verge of crushing the entire rat presence at Hawsh `Aali Khateeb and Al-Nawla (Farms), soldiers can see the defenses in these areas falling apart and scores of rodents heading for safer environs.  However,  their efforts to escape may not succeed entirely as the army and its allies are closing all routes, most significantly the one through Hawsh Harbu.   Artillery is now concentrating on Al-Rukaabiyya Town which will seal the fate of all rodents inside Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer.

At Zibdeen, massive artillery curtains of fire are raining down on the filth destroying already a headquarters with sophisticated communications equipment.  Information received indicates the rats are about to abandon their positions here to make a last stand at Dayr Al-‘Asaafeer.  We must emphasize, however, that, with all routes tightening, no one may make it out.  Enjoy the negotiations in Geneva.


(From Brigitte Turkmani)



Two Homelands sends us this one by Tony Cartalucci about the only solution to the problem of Syria: