الجيش السوري يستعيد مشفى الأسد ويحرر 50مدنيا من قبضة DAYR EL-ZOR:  The news is in and it’s coming in fast and furious.  It didn’t take long for the Syrian Army’s crack Republican Guard under the command of Lt. General ‘Issaam Zhahreddeen to take back every inch of land claimed by the rodent cannibal terrorists of ISIS.  They were stomped out like cockroaches in a maelstrom of artillery and aerial bombardment.

Terrified of losing their de facto capital at Al-Raqqa, the mostly Iraqi commanders of ISIS here, formerly Saddam’s officers and “Iraqi Ba’ath” apparatchiks, with foreign rodents acting as their pawns, stormed the area of Al-Bughayliyya, especially the Al-Jazeera University complex where student residencies are located, in order to surround and take over the Al-Assad National Hospital where interns and residents learn the art of medicine.   The strategy was to distract the SAA from any premature plans to invade Al-Raqqa.

Desperate to reclaim their original momentum, ISIS leaders grasped at straws by coordinating an assault on the hospital, loaded with medical staff, students, nurses and patients; attacking, once again (yawn) the military airbase; and bringing up additional jackals from the city of Mayaadeen south of Dayr El-Zor City.

It was a field day for the Syrian Army and Air Force.  Not only did ISIS use some of its least experienced vermin to fight this battle, proof that it is in fact reinforcing at Al-Raqqa for the inevitable SAA sweep into that area, it also failed to account for the large Syrian Army presence near the university and hospital.  While the rodents quickly penetrated through NDF lines around Al-Bughayliyya at first, they also managed to spring a trap on themselves by failing to position artillery, snipers and heavy weaponry around the hospital to prevent an ineluctable encirclement, which is exactly what happened.

Inside the hospital, terrorist savages were confounded by well-armed NDF militiamen, intelligence agents and some Desert Falcons who acted as security personnel.  They did not give up, at all.  Just the opposite.  As the terrorists tried to move from room to room in order to execute patients and medical staff, they found themselves in firefights with local militias who were very well armed.  Even doctors, and nurses, took up arms against these predators.  Many of the doctors and male nurses at the hospital had done service in the army and knew how to fire automatic pistols and rifles.  Nobody was going to be taken prisoner by these noisome, brutish and plague-carrying rodents.  Sadly, however, there were some fatalities among the medical staff.

Once the Syrian Army, under the command of General Zhahreddeen’s adjutant, took up static positions around the hospital, the only consideration was the health and welfare of those inside.  For that reason, crack rangers from the airbase were brought up to invade the hospital.  Intelligence had already determined that the ISIS criminals inside were novices, many communicating in gibberish as they tried to convey the exact nature of their predicament.  Using shock and smoke grenades, and white phosphorous to create a veil behind which they could maneuver, the SAA commandos moved up and down the stairwells, establishing strongpoints which would eventually secure several corridors straight into the hospital.  Once the positions were solidified, 200 SAA infantrymen, all seasoned veterans of this horrific war, came in and began the process of killing or wounding every single rodent inside.  According to the latest field assessment, 49 armed rodents were sent to Hell with over 50 wounded.  If it were not for the SAA on the scene, the NDF and Falcons would have executed each and every one.  The prisoners will be useful to gather information, and all the more for the fact that these vermin are not well trained in resisting the time-honored techniques of interrogation for which the Syrian Air Force Intelligence Directorate is renowned.

At the University Housing complex, over 50 families were liberated from the stench of Wahhabist ISIS reptiles.  I have been informed that this was much easier than the hospital battle for the reason that the terrorists here were without any specific directives and did not have any plan drawing of the premises.  No details are available about rodent losses here, yet.

The easiest part of this battle was the convoy of trucks and pickups sent out from Mayaadeen northward to Dayr El-Zor.  It’s not clear right now whether the convoy was forwarded because the rodents at DZ were desperate or whether the plan was to have the convoy arrive as the rats were establishing control.  Another theory is that the convoy was meant to back up another miserable assault on the airbase.  All of this is moot since the entire convoy was nebulized by intense aerial bombing.  A report indicates there were no survivors.



Senior ISIS Commander Killed by Syrian Forces near Deir Ezzor CityAmong the 200+ estimated dead rodents, one was the top dog, military commander of the DZ area, the Big Cheese, the head honcho, the capo di tutti capi, the king of the hill  – in other words, the stinking, miserable excuse for a four-legged sewer inhabitant, the illustrious:  “ABU MUHAMMAD AL-ANSAARI”, REAL NAME:  MUSTAFAA HADDAAWI.

Monsieur Haddaawi was killed leading another brilliant attack on the airbase with which the rats are obsessed.  If I were to tell you that the rodents of ISIS have lost over 2,000 of their favorite species of Rodenta, you would say it’s an exaggeration.  But, it’s not.  It may be much more.  This is the 50th time they’ve tried to overrun the base.  And each time, they have lost.

I have a partial list of a few Syrian members of ISIS which I’ll publish:

‘Abdul-Hameed Arshad Al-Dhifr

Luqmaan Mahmoud Al-Nayyaal ‘Ubaydaat

Muhammad Ahmad ‘Abdullah

Sulaymaan Muhammad Mufarrij




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