BAIRD BLOWS THE LID OFF MEDICARE PRIVATISATION AGENDA – WRITTEN BY Catherine King Federal Member for Ballarat Shadow Minister for Health


Friday, 11 March 2016

NSW Liberal Premier Mike Baird has today exposed the Liberals’ agenda to privatise Medicare, with his plan to allow private insurers to move into general practice.
The Liberal plan to allow private health insurers into GP practices would mark the end of Medicare as a universal health insurance scheme.
It will create a two-tier Americanised health system where those with private cover receive preferential access, and pensioners, benefit card holders and others who cannot afford private insurance are relegated to a safety net system.
This would be disastrous for patients, but also be disastrous for the health Budget, pushing up GP Fees.
The previous Minister for Health also toyed with this proposal, allowing a trial of private health insurance in general practice in QLD which saw an administration fee paid and guaranteed appointments within 24 hours for private health insurance customers. 
This is the thin edge of the wedge when it comes to the destruction of our universal health care system and the government must immediately rule it out.
It’s no coincidence this latest Liberal attack on Medicare comes just weeks after Commonwealth Health department officials revealed at Senate Estimates the Turnbull Government has been working in secret for 18 months on plans to privatise the Medicare payments system.
In both cases, the Liberals have attempted to keep their privatisation agenda secret.
The Liberal move to create a two tier system for general practice was only revealed because of a NSW Labor Freedom of Information request. None of the tenders for the plan to privatise the Medicare payments system were listed on the official government AusTender website.
Today’s revelations confirm that after spending their first two years in office trying to kill Medicare by slashing $60 billion out of health, the Liberals are now spending 2016 trying to sell it.
It confirms yet again, that the Liberals cannot be trusted with health, and cannot be trusted with Medicare.
Australians deserve better than a Government which is determined to wreck Medicare and introduce a two tier Americanised health system where access to care is determined by wealth, not need.




9 thoughts on “BAIRD BLOWS THE LID OFF MEDICARE PRIVATISATION AGENDA – WRITTEN BY Catherine King Federal Member for Ballarat Shadow Minister for Health

  1. In Holland you did not have a choice: if you earned below a certain amount you had to have public health insurance, if you earned above a certain amount you had to be privately insured. This was in the 1960’s. Before you could start working in a new job you had to have a rigorous medical check up. This entailed among other things an X-Ray for tuberculosis. My first job was as a typist. Off I went for the X-Ray. I was told to take my top and bra off and sit like that, without any cover, in a semi darkened room, men and women together! Waiting for hours until I was seen. It was a smelly, oppressive room, you didn’t even get a drink. A rude nurse did the X-Ray, then pushed you unceremoniously out of the room. I was in tears. It was demeaning and humiliating. A few years later I became a journalist with a prestigious newspaper. Same place for X-Ray, or was it……? I was shown a pretty, light waiting room, nice cane furniture, a cup of coffee, a biscuit, polite staff, short waiting time. I was NOT pleased with this. I became really angry and told the doctor, polite but in no uncertain terms what I thought of the Dutch healthcare system. I was the same person as the one who came a couple of years before as a typist. Obviously the class system was alive and well. Even doctors had separate waiting rooms for the public and private patients! Medicines were in different packages and certain medicines were not available for public patients. If you were sick as a public patient a man from the insurance would come to your house demanding to see you to make sure you were really sick. This happened to me once, only the guy did not get past my mother who was outraged and refused to let a stranger in her daughter’s bedroom.

    I am sure that in the half century since I left Holland things have improved, but that was what it is like in a two tier class system! In Holland you had no choice, here you will have a choice only…..that is determined by the size of your income. So, actually you don’t have a choice.

    I cannot understand our government even contemplating creating such a hell for the people they are supposed to represent. They will open the gates of hell and let the dogs out. They will sell to the highest bidders, no doubt foreign companies. Once out there’s no way back.

    Mr.Turnbull at all, when you attend once again an Anzac ceremony, no doubt full of reverence, will you give a thought to why all these men and women died, why they gave their precious lives?
    Yes, exactly! For our freedom, our sovereignty. What would they feel if they could see you doing your utmost to sell this beautiful country they fought so hard for, down the gurgler to foreigners who couldn’t give a damn for us. I know people who have experience with the American health system Do you know people actually die because they cannot afford the healthcare they badly need. Do you really want to inflict this gross injustice on us, the Australian people who have up till now a healthcare system that is the envy of the world.


  2. It’s a total disgrace. The Health System is close to being two-tiered already. I’ve been in hospital twice recently. It’s terrible! I’m a Senior. 64. They are trying to get you to go home, almost as soon as you’re admitted. I had a serious infection and was told to go home and receive intravenous antibiotics there.Id been in hospital for one day. I was weak. I was providing my Private Insurance. That’s in regional Australia.

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    1. Dear Geraldine, how sad you had such bad experience with our hospital system. I live in Campbelltown, a densely populated place with a lot of low income people. I am also a “senior”. In the past year I have had a lot to do with our health care system. I was also in hospital, the beautifully renovated Campbelltown hospital. I could not have been treated better! All the people I had to do with were kind and cheerful and helpful, without exception. I have real admiration for the staff who work under enormous pressure and still do their jobs so professionally. I have never had the feeling that I was treated differently because of my age, which is almost 80. I do show my gratitude for their hard work and thank them . Let us hope and pray that our healthcare system will not be destroyed. Of course there is always room for improvement as your story proves, but we still have one of the best systems in the world.


  3. Just goes to show what LNP will go to for their BIG END OT TOWN MATES.they do not care about the people they are supposed to represent. They are only interested on their own agenda,not the rest of the country. Telling the public one thing and doing the entire opposite. But if this government wants to cut what is being spent, then WHY NOT START WITH MP’S SALARIES. First up cut YOUR PAY-PACKETs, secondly, strip ALL MP’S OF TRAVEL ALLOWANCES. Remember YOU took on the job, and as such, just get on with it, running this country,NOT AMERICANISING IT. After all we are AUSTRALIANS , NOT AMERICANS, if you want AMERICAN medical treatment, THEN GO AND LIVE THERE. This is AUSTRALIA, if you don’t like the system here then go to where you like their system. Or is that just too much for the LIBERALS.


  4. gawd wish these people would actually do some investigative journalism for once , I posted the fact that this was always their agenda from before the last election and have repeated it for the last two years , it was never secret , the plan was to make medicare look so bad that they would argue it would be better privatized , gawd what ever happened to real journalism … the same thing is also still on the books for the public education system


  5. Gawd where the hell have you been , I mean sheeesh .. I publicized their agenda to sell of medicare two years ago , it was always their goal to make medicare a mess and declare it would be better of in private hands .. please please try to do some investigative journalism .. it has never been a secret , the top members have always know this was on the books before the last election


  6. The Rascals are now turning on our Medicare. This is going to hurt those who are unable to fight back. If the LNP is going to go ahead with their plan about Medicare then we let them know that this will be our battle ground and let the fight be do or die. Remember how that little shit Howard , Bush’s running dog went down after introducing Work place legislation? we can give the same treatment to the present set of poofters , but this time we must sure that they won’t be able to raise their ugly heads again and to do that we must rake out any Rudds we have with us.

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