Ancient Babylonian astronomers found Jupiter 1,400 years before Europeans did – WRITTEN BY STUART GARY

© Trustees of the British Museum/Mathieu Ossendrijver
Ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablet text A provided essential clues to understanding four other tablets numbered text B to text E.

The earliest known examples of mathematical and geometric astronomy have been identified in a series of ancient Babylonian cuneiform tablets.

An analysis of the tablets, reported in the journal Science, reveals ancient Babylonians were able to calculate the position of Jupiter using geometric techniques previously believed to have been first used some 1,400 years later in 14th century Europe.

“These texts are the earliest evidence we have from antiquity of mathematical astronomy,” said the study’s author Dr Mathieu Ossendrijver, a historian on Babylonian astronomy with the Humboldt University in Berlin.

“It describes Jupiter’s velocity across the sky and how that changes with time.”

The tablets, which are housed at the British Museum, are believed to have been unearthed from an archaeological dig in what is now modern day Iraq sometime in the 1800s.

The almost completely intact tablets are thought to have been written in Babylon between 350 and 50 BCE.

The tablets are part of a larger collection of 450 astronomy tablets from Babylon and Uruk containing celestial data arranged in rows and columns, together with instructions.

Dr Ossendrijver examined five tablets numbered as trapezoid text A to trapezoid text E, four of which deal with geometrical trapezoid shapes, but nobody understood what they were about.

One tablet key to puzzle

However, one of the tablets — trapezoid text A — provided Dr Ossendrijver with the key to understanding the other four tablets.

“I discovered that they describe the motion of Jupiter as a velocity, the number of degrees it moves across the sky in a day,” Dr Ossendrijver said.

“If you plot the velocity of Jupiter against time, you get a creeping curve which looks like a rectangle with a slanted top — that’s the trapezoid.”

The tablets show two intervals from when Jupiter first appears along the horizon at night, to the planet’s position in the sky after 60 and 120 days.

The tablets also computed the time when Jupiter covers half of this 60-day distance by partitioning the trapezoid into two smaller ones of equal area.

The interest in Jupiter may have been associated with Marduk, the supreme god of Babylon.

“We’re not really sure why the Babylonians were so interested in the motion of the planet Jupiter, but one possible explanation is that Jupiter was associated with Marduk the supreme god of Babylon,” Dr Ossendrijver said.

“These astronomers or priests were employed by Babylon’s main temple where Marduk was venerated. Each god had a star and Marduk’s was Jupiter.”

Babylonian writing is thought to have originally developed as an accounting system for keeping track of property such as sheep, grain, or the size of a field.

“That’s what most of the cuneiform tablets we have from Mesopotamia deal with,” Dr Ossendrijver said.

“But by about 2000 BCE they began to develop a form of mathematics with sophisticated field computations and methods for solving what we call quadratic equations that go beyond these practical things. It’s a way of describing and computing motion, similar to what we today call integral calculus.”

Tablets redefine history

These tablets redefine our history books as the origins of calculus are generally traced back to the Middle Ages when people began using geometry to calculate velocity by plotting the position of an object against time.

“This is highly surprising. No-one expected to find something like this in antiquity,” Dr Ossendrijver said.

“While ancient Greeks used geometrical figures to describe configurations in physical space, centuries earlier these Babylonian tablets used geometry in an abstract sense to define time and velocity.”

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European governments’ first steps towards a refugee ‘final solution’ – WRITTEN BY MARIANNE ARENS

At a meeting in Amsterdam this week, European interior and justice ministers sought to outdo each other with suggestions as to how the influx of desperate refugees from the Middle East could be stopped. No measure was too brutal for consideration.

Proposals ranged from the hermetic sealing off of borders to the stationing of Frontex troops, even against the will of national governments, as well as the erection of concentration camps for hundreds of thousands of refugees.

Greece came under sustained attack from several ministers who called for its expulsion from the Schengen zone, which guarantees free movement within the European Union, if Athens did not reduce the number of refugees transiting the country into Europe.

A large proportion of the refugees from the Middle East risk the dangerous and often deadly journey from Turkey to the Greek islands close by before crossing Greece and leaving the EU at the Macedonian border. After travelling through Macedonia and Serbia, they enter the EU again through Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia, with many seeking access to Germany.

Despite freezing winter weather and rough seas, up to 2,000 refugees are still crossing the Aegean Sea daily to the Greek islands. According to EU figures, by January 23, 44,000 people had already reached Europe from Turkey in this way in 2016. The number of refugees counted as dead or missing was 149. During the night of January 22 alone, 42 people drowned trying to make the journey, including 18 children.

This route is to be shut down. Ministers demanded a significant strengthening of Greece’s northern border with Macedonia by Frontex forces, and agreed to strengthen the border controls within the Schengen zone until the end of 2017.

Greece was given an ultimatum to restrict the number of refugees or face expulsion from the Schengen zone. German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said after the meeting, “We require a permanent, noticeable and sustained reduction of the numbers of refugees, and this must be visible in the coming weeks.”

It must be made clear, de Maizière continued, that the border protection agency Frontex could act in place of a member state to secure the border. Germany’s interior minister did not exclude the expulsion of Greece from the Schengen zone. “We will put pressure on Greece to do its homework,” he threatened.

Comment: Incredible. Greece is brutally punished with even more austerity measures last year, and now the European Interior Ministry wants to effectively punish it for its humanity and for its giving what little it has left of its resources to aid the very desperate refugees.

Theo Francken, Belgium’s state secretary for asylum and immigration, raised the possibility of a “closed facility” in Greece for 300,000 refugees. It would have to be under EU administration, because Greece’s “state structures [were] obviously too weak,” the Belgian politician said.

Francken’s proposal amounts the transformation of Greece into a giant concentration camp, with the creation of a ghetto for refugees on the scale of a medium-sized city. Nothing comparable has been seen in Europe since the end of the Nazi era.

Sealing the Macedonia-Greece border with assistance from Frontex forces was supported by Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban, who for months has been demanding the establishment of a massive border fence on Greece’s northern border. Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico also gave his backing. According to a report by Der Spiegel magazine, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia have already deployed their own police forces to this border and Hungary has supplied extensive materials for the construction of a permanent fence.

On Tuesday, the Danish parliament passed legislation to confiscate asylum seekers’ valuables. Police will now be able to seize assets from refugees worth more than 10,000 kroner (€1,340) to cover housing and food costs. The original proposal was to confiscate everything above the value of 3,000 kronor. In addition, the period migrants will have to wait before applying for relatives to join them will be extended from one year to three, temporary residence permits will be shortened and the conditions for obtaining a permanent permit toughened.

With comparisons being made to measures taken against Jews during World War II, the Danish government responded by explaining that this was how unemployed Danish citizens were already treated! Denmark is, however, far from alone in taking such fascistic measures.

Switzerland seized assets from 100 people in 2015 under rules similar to Denmark’s, but set even lower at €900. Southern states in Germany are already implementing similar measures, with Bavaria confiscating all property in excess of €750 and Baden-Württemberg in excess of just €350.

The Syriza government in Greece has already done the bidding of the EU in imposing savage austerity measures against working people. It is now being told to act with similar brutality against refugees.

Greek Immigration Minister Ioannis Mouzalas responded by declaring that some EU members were of the opinion that the refugees should drown, while Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias made clear he understood what was expected when he complained to Germany’s TAZ newspaper, “If we want to stop the refugees, we would have to wage war against them. We would have to bombard them, sink their boats and let the people drown.”

Comment: All said and told, Minister Mouzalas is hitting pretty close to the mark with his statements. Western governments are doing little to nothing to help solve the issues they created in the first place through their covert wars of aggression in Syria, and before that Libya. These governments gave their tacit agreement to the nightmares we see today and said or did nothing to prevent them, or help spread the truth about the underlying causes of these humanitarian disasters.

They ‘reason’ that they can solve those disasters by creating new ones.

The crossing of the Greece-Macedonia border is already a traumatic experience for refugees. Immigrants are regularly bullied and beaten by the police. A recent report from the German refugee support organisation ProAsyl showed that the sealing of borders in the Balkans had destructive and even deadly consequences for refugees. The Amsterdam meeting made clear that this outcome is desired and in line with the methods being considered.

According to the report, tens of thousands of refugees are already being sent back to Greece from Macedonia, where they are left with nothing and forced to live on the streets.

In Athens itself it is almost impossible to register as an asylum seeker. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was aware of only 1,150 accommodation places in Athens for an average of 10,000 asylum applications per year. Those who do not register an asylum claim risk being arrested and detained in a Greek deportation camp.

Athens has blamed the government in Ankara for the number of people crossing the Aegean Sea, while the Turkish government has declared that it does not have the capabilities to secure the entire coast. The EU has been trying for some time to encourage Turkish cooperation in the refugee question and has promised €3 billion in aid, which has yet to be paid.

There are currently 2.5 million people in Turkey who have fled the wars in the Middle East and North Africa. Only around 250,000 of these are in already existing camps. Turkey does not fully recognise the Geneva Refugee Convention and refugees cannot work there or send their children to school.

Millions of people in Europe today are superfluous and unwelcome. Politicians and journalists are discussing openly how best refugees can be deterred, detained, channelled and pushed from one place to another, as if they were discussing animals or freight. They are, in fact, conspiring against people who see flight as the only way out of the misery created by imperialist wars carried out by the US and its European allies that have devastated the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa.

Comment: A commenter to the article seemed to sum it up rather well:


The growing similarities to Nazis Germany are quite shocking. The ‘Jewish Question ‘ becomes the ‘Refugee Question’. The logical dynamics of which can only mirror more and more the extremes of the former.

If the dynamics and goals of world economy are not altered, then it is only a matter of time that the ‘need’ for their ‘extinction’ will find Mein Kamf brought down from the shelf and dusted down.

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Greek Migration Minister: Belgium told us “Push migrants back to sea, we don’t care if they drown” – WRITTEN BY BBC

Greek Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas claims Belgium told his country to “push” migrants “back in the sea”.

He was speaking in an interview with BBC Newsnight’s Evan Davis, discussing what will happen next to the Schengen Agreement – and what the European Union can do to help resolve the migrant crisis.

Watch the video of the interview below:

Comment: Amid the austerity crisis and now the refugee crisis, the European Union has shown its true face as the European Nightmare. It is a corporation with no conscience and no wish to implement the laws it pretends to espouse – whether in regards to its citizens or the refugees it helped create in the first place.

For more information read:

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Dunk on Hate and Mad at the World – WRITTEN BY RICHARD EDMONDSON

 photo isrstlrs_zpsun5hjsdt.jpg

Israel’s Diplomatic Wars of Aggression

By Richard Edmondson

Israel these days seems to be increasingly at odds with a good portion of the rest of the world. In just the past few months it has quarreled with:

  • Spain over arrest warrants issued for Netanyahu and six other Israeli officials for the 2010 attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla;
  • Sweden over comments by its foreign minister who has called for an investigation into extrajudicial executions of Palestinians;
  • college campus student groups supporting the BDS movement;
  • academic associations who have issued calls for academic boycotts of Israeli universities;
  • Brazil over its refusal to recognize an Israeli ambassador who hails from the right-wing Israeli settler movement;
  • The EU over labeling of products from Israeli settlements.
  • The UN over Ban Ki-moon’s recent criticism of the settlements

And really, if truth be known, Israel is probably not too happy just now with Italy either, which recently received Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on a state visit, resulting in a number of agreements between the two countries’ energy sectors as well as cooperation on a future high-speed rail project. Naor Gilon, the Israeli ambassador to Italy, complained that Rouhani was being treated like “the king of the world.”

 photo zameret_zps9e6e0zua.jpg

Zvi Zameret accuses Wallström of ‘ignorance and arrogance’ and suggests she might meet a violent end

War with Sweden

All in all, Gilon’s comments would have to be viewed as rather tame, however–at least by comparison. For some of the statements issuing from Israelis now, particularly those aimed at Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallström, are positively chilling in their level of malice expressed, and frankly it might behoove the Swedish official to consider hiring a bodyguard at this point, if she hasn’t already done so.

As I noted in an article five days ago, Wallström is now regarded in Israel as “public enemy number 1” (the Jerusalem Post’s words, not mine) because of remarks she has made critical of Israel, including a recent call for an investigation into extrajudicial killings of Palestinians.

Now it seems there may be those in Israel hankering for the foreign minister’s blood–literally. If you haven’t read my article, Swedish Media Target Country’s Foreign Minister Following Her Remarks on Israel, I suggest you do so as it will place what follows into greater perspective. One day after posting that article, I became aware of two other articles, one by blogger Richard Silverstein and the other by Jonathan Ofir and posted at Mondoweiss, both of which discuss what appears to have been a scarcely veiled threat on Wallström’s life by a former Israeli official.

The comment was made by Zvi Zameret, a former official in the Israeli Ministry of Education, in an op-ed piece he wrote for an Israeli newspaper owned by Nevada casino magnate Sheldon Adelson. In the article, Zameret waxes lyrical on the 1948 assassination of Swedish diplomat Folke Bernadotte, and then goes on to suggest that Wallström might meet a similar fate. Here is a bit from Silverstein’s commentary on the matter:

Zvi Zameret, the former director for instruction for the Israeli education ministry has written an op-ed in Makor Rishon, Sheldon Adelson’s pro-settler newspaper, praising the 1948 assassination of UN mediator Count Folke Bernadotte by Yitzhak Shamir’s Lehi gang. Zameret accuses Bernadotte of being an anti-Semite and claims that his views originated in a Swedish society that was suffused with this perspective.  He claims that ridding the world of the Swedish Count was necessary to protect Israel’s new existence.

He wends his way through a long historical discourse involving material already well-known related to Bernadotte’s proposals, which were rejected by Arabs and Jews alike.  Then he brings us up to the present day by alleging that remarks of the current Swedish Foreign Minister, Margot Wallstrom, demanding that Israel be held accountable for the 160 Palestinians killed over the past two months in the latest Intifada, stem from the same well of Swedish anti-Semitism.

Silverstein says Zameret “hints that Wallström herself should share a similar fate to Bernadotte” and then gives us a direct quote from his article as per its English translation:

“What do the things I have mentioned attest about Bernadotte? [They indicate] covert anti-Semitism, ignorance and arrogance, collaboration with senior elements in Israel [Hebrew University President Judah Magnes] and interests that play a decisive role. Has anything changed in the Swedish DNA in the decades following Bernadotte’s death? Nothing has changed.

The Swedish foreign minister Margot Wallstrom, in the covert anti-Semitism which characterizes her, along with her ignorance and arrogance, and anticipation of the interests of her future Muslim voters–she too is attempting to battle against the basic foundation of the State of Israel.  I am certain that her intentions will be defeated, just as were those of the disreputable Count Bernadotte.

 photo bernadotte_zpsk09izvza.jpg

Count Folke Bernadotte

Bernadotte was assassinated by Lehi, also known as the Stern Gang, the same Jewish terrorist group that carried out the Deir Yassin massacre. Zameret’s glorification of his murder doesn’t seem entirely lucid or rational–during World War II Bernadottenegotiated the release of 31,000 prisoners from German concentration camps, including a large number of Jews. After the war, he became the UN Security Council’s unanimous choice, in a vote on May 20, 1948, to try and mediate a settlement in the Palestine-Israeli conflict.

His murder took place September 17, 1948, carried out by a four-man team of assassins. The Stern Gang had been around since 1940. Its stated goal was to terminate the British mandate in Palestine and set up a “new totalitarian Hebrew republic,” and one of its members, Yithak Shamir, ended up becoming an Israeli prime minister. It was Shamir, in fact, who ordered Bernadotte’s assassination. The man who actually pulled the trigger, Yehoshau Cohen, later became a close confidante of David Ben Gurion and was never charged in the case.

 photo margotwals_zpshh2ekqnc.jpg

Margot Wallström

In October of 2014, shortly after Wallström took over as foreign minister, Sweden became one of the first Western countries to recognize Palestinian statehood. Wallström called it “an important step that confirms the Palestinians’ right to self-determination”  and added that “We hope that this will show the way for others.”

In November of last year, shortly after the Paris terror attacks, Wallström suggested that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians could be helping to fuel terrorism. She followed that up with a comment in December about Israeli “extrajudicial executions,” and this month called for an investigation of Israel.

“Whether Zameret advocates Wallstrom’s demise explicitly or implicitly is hardly important,” comments Silverstein. “Even if you accept the argument that he isn’t explicit, clearly the reason Bernadotte failed in his mission is that Jewish terrorists assassinated him.  When you say you wish her intentions to be defeatedjust as his were, the line between murder and political defeat becomes exceedingly murky.”

Boycott Sweden! say Israeli Mayors

But of course it isn’t just Zameret. Lots of people in Israel despise Wallström and have “vociferously attacked her contentious words,” as an article here puts it. And this apparently applies to a good many Israeli officials. The same article goes on to give us the low-down on a “boycott movement” launched by 15 Israeli mayors and aimed at Sweden. The mayors were planning to attend a conference in the Scandinavian country in March, but recently announced they have cancelled, while former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman has also called for a boycott of Ikea.

War With Spain

In November of last year, a Spanish judge issued arrest warrants for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and six other officials in connection with Israel’s 2010 raid on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, a violent episode in international waters which resulted in the deaths of 10 people.

The warrants were issued by Judge Jose de la Mata, and in  effect meant that should any of the seven officials set foot on Spanish soil they would be subject to arrest.

“Spain is just the latest member of the international community to accuse Israel of war crimes and pursue Israeli officials over the affair,” the Jerusalem Postreported at the time. And that is indeed correct. Both South Africa and Turkey had previously issued similar warrants.

Predictably, the Israeli government expressed hostility and outrage.

“We consider it to be a provocation,” said an Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson. “We are working with the Spanish authorities to get it cancelled. We hope it will be over soon.”

What do you suppose the words “working with Spanish authorities” might imply? Did it include issuing threats? Whatever it was, it took only two months to accomplish. The arrest warrants were in fact cancelled, according to a report published January 13 by the Adelson-owned Israel Hayom newspaper.

War with Brazil

Brazil, on the other hand, seems to be showing a little more resilience. According to a report here, “Israel and Brazil remain at loggerheads five months after Brazil refused to recognize Israel’s appointment of a right-wing settler as its next envoy to the South American country.”

“Settlers are Zionist agents that the world cannot accept, they steal others’ land, they are an insult to Brazil, to the government, and to millions of Brazilians with roots in the Arab world,” said Brazilian parliament member Carlos Maron.

Maron isn’t alone. A group of 40 retired Brazilian diplomats signed a statementagainst the appointment of Dani Dayan, who lives in the Israeli settlement of Ma’ale Shomron, in the Occupied West Bank. Dayan is an advocate of the settler movement and has made no secret of his views, having widely published articles in the mainstream media, including the New York Times.

“We consider it unacceptable that the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has publicly announced the name of the person he intended to appoint as his country’s new Ambassador to Brazil before submitting it, in accordance to the norm, to our Government,” said the diplomats. The announcement of Dayan’s appointment was reportedly posted initially on Twitter rather than being communicated directly to the Brazilian government.

The statement continues:

This rupture with a diplomatic practice seems to have been on purpose, an attempt to establish facts, since the appointed, Dani Dayan, between 2007 and 2013, was the President of the Yesha Council, responsible for the settlements in the West Bank, which are considered illegal by the international community, and has already declared himself contrary to the creation of the Palestinian State, which counts on the support of the Brazilian Government and was already recognized by over 70% of the UN member States.

Reportedly a group of 200 Brazilian academics have also endorsed a boycott of Israel. Netanyahu has refused to withdraw Dayan’s nomination or to appoint someone more acceptable to the Brazilians. If the Brazilian government stands its ground, it will mean a de facto end to diplomatic relations between the two countries.

War with the EU

On January 18, the EU’s Foreign Affairs Council reaffirmed requirements that export products from the Israeli settlements be labeled as such. More or less as with Sweden, Spain, and Brazil, the EU’s action has prompted cries of Israeli outrage. Netanyahu pronounced his unwillingness to “accept the fact that the EU labels the side being attacked by terror,” while ‘Justice’ Minister Ayelet Shaked called the EU measure “anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.”

Likewise, opposition party leader Isaac Herzog (supposedly a liberal) compared it to the “Zionism equals Racism” resolution passed by the UN in 1974, while Yair Lapid, another opposition party member, denounced the EU for “capitulating to the worse elements of jihad.”

War Against the BDS Movement

In summer of 2015, ‘Justice’ minister Shaked announced she was preparing lawsuits against BDS activists. The announcement was reported at the time by theTimes of Israel in a story which also mentions that Shaked has expanded one of the departments within her ministry in order to “push ahead with the program as soon as possible.”

Ministry officials believe that legal circumstances present the option of suing activists for damaging Israeli trade, and for discrimination and racism, based upon laws as they currently exist in various countries, the report said.

So far as I’m aware, no lawsuits have been filed against individual activists, however Naftali Bennett, leader of the Jewish Home Party, seems to be generally in support of the idea of striking back in some manner at the BDS movement.

“Let it be clear to any company or organization that’s considering boycotting us: We will hit back. We will attack our attackers. We will boycott our boycotters,” Bennett said.

“The boycott weapon is a double-edged sword,” he added. “If you’re thinking of boycotting Israel, keep in mind that there are tens of millions of Israel supporters around the world — Jews and non-Jews — with considerable buying power and boycott power. Whoever boycotts Israel will be boycotted. Whoever hits Israel, will be hit back. We will no longer remain silent.”

Bennett’s comments about the “tens of millions of Israel supporters around the world” are perhaps salient. Also last summer, Adelson hosted an anti-BDS summit in Las Vegas with the aim of establishing and funding “successful strategies for countering the wave of anti-Israel activity on college campuses.” Held at the billionaire’s Venetian hotel on the Vegas strip, the conference was attended by a number of wealthy Jews, including Haim Saban.

“The key decision reached at the conference was that there would be a concerted effort to curtail BDS,” reported the Jerusalem Post.

Though Netanyahu did not attend, a letter from him was read aloud to the conference participants. “De-legitimization of Israel must be fought, and you are on the front lines. It’s not about this or that Israeli policy. It’s about our right to exist here as a free people,” the letter stated.

Reportedly the Israeli government intends to allocate NIS 100 million, or roughly $25.2 million, to the anti-BDS effort.

War Against Academic Associations

At a business meeting held in November, members of the American Anthropological Association voted overwhelmingly (88.4 percent) in favor of a resolution to boycott Israeli academic institutions. A similar measure was passed that same month by the National Women’s Studies Association Executive Committee. These aren’t the first boycott actions taken by academic organizations in the US. The American Studies Association, The Association for Asian American Studies, and the Native American and Indigenous Studies Association have all passed academic boycott measures against Israel. And this is just in the US.

Measures have also been passed by academic organizations in Brazil, South Africa, Canada, the UK, and, of course, in Palestine, and probably elsewhere. And perhaps most recently a group of 71 British doctors have called upon the World Medical Association to expel the Israeli Medical Association. The physicians have accused Israeli doctors of “medical torture” on Palestinian patients and want to see a ban on joint projects with Israeli universities.

On January 20, the Science and Technology Committee of the Israeli Knesset held a meeting to discuss the issue (H/T Helvena). A press release on the discussion which took place can be found here on the Knessett’s website. One of those who gave input at the meeting was Peretz Lavie, president of Technion, or the Israeli Institute of Technology.

“We have no complaints against the global academic leadership; our problem is the campuses,” Lavie said. “Initially it was insignificant campuses, but it quickly spread to leading campuses in the United States.”

When Lavie says he has “no complaints against the global academic leadership” he is probably referring to the Association of American Universities, which on January 14, in response to the vote by the Anthropological Association, re-issued an earlier statement in opposition to academic boycotts. The AAU is an organization whose leadership consists of the presidents and chancellors of the 60 universities (in both the US and Canada) that are its members. Membership is by invitation only. The group’s statement opposing boycotts was initially released in 2013 in response to the boycott actions taken by the American Studies and Native American and Indigenous Studies associations.

The group’s re-release of that canned statement from more than two years ago was described by the Jerusalem Post as “a blow to the BDS movement.”

“Students who are exposed to this activity will be the next generation`s senators, and therein lies the great danger in the long term,” Lavie went on in his testimony before the Science and Technology Committee.

“In its report, the American Anthropological Association referred to us as universities of apartheid and decided to conduct a survey on whether the Israeli academia should be boycotted. We have to reach all 12,000 members of the Association. It is a symptom, and if we do not act now, it will spread. There must be one entity that will concentrate all the efforts related to this issue,” he added.

Another person who gave testimony was Ze’ev Feldman of the Israel Medical Association. It was Feldman who informed the committee of the recent statement by the 71 British doctors.

”The sword of the boycott is being raised on the Israeli scientific-medical community,” he said.

Ariel University Chancellor Yigal-Cohen Orgad asserted that Israel has “a real problem with governments, including western governments that encourage boycotts,” while Professor Zvi Ziegler warned, “We are unable to stop anyone with our meager resources.”

Several committee members are also quoted, including Chairman Uri Maklev:

“There is no doubt that the academic boycott phenomenon is expanding and is connected to the financial and consumer boycotts on Israel. Economic and commercial boycotts are associated with politics, but an academic boycott by educated and moderate people has a very strong effect.”

But rather than calling for an end to the settlements, most of the committee members seemed to be of the opinion that the Israeli government needed to devote more resources to fighting the boycott movement. The one exception to this was Arab Knesset member Basel Ghattas:

The world considers the settlements to be illegitimate. You can think differently from the entire world, it is your right, but it is also the world`s right to take measures in order to force you to establish two states.

War with the UN

On October 1, 2015, Netanyahu gave a speech before the United Nations General Assembly that was marked by a 45-second segment during which he paused and projected hostile glares out at those present:

On January 26, 2016, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon broke the UN’s “deafening silence” and, in a rare display of courage, issued a scathing criticism of Israel’s settlement policies.

Progress towards peace requires a freeze of Israel’s settlement enterprise.

Continued settlement activities are an affront to the Palestinian people and to the international community.  They rightly raise fundamental questions about Israel’s commitment to a two-state solution.

I am deeply troubled by reports today that the Israeli Government has approved plans for over 150 new homes in illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

This is combined with its announcement last week declaring 370 acres in the West Bank, south of Jericho, as so-called “state land”.  These provocative acts are bound to increase the growth of settler populations, further heighten tensions and undermine any prospects for a political road ahead.

The inevitable furious response came quickly, with Netanyahu excoriating the UN chief for helping to “stoke terror.”

“There is no justification for terrorism,” he said. “The Palestinian terrorists don’t want to build a state; they want to destroy a state, and they say that proudly. They want to murder Jews everywhere and they state that proudly. They don’t murder for peace and they don’t murder for human rights.”

He went on to assert that the UN has “lost its neutrality and its moral force, and these statements by the Secretary-General do nothing to improve its situation.”


It seems Israel is now at war with the UN as well.

A Lack of Imagination?

 Perhaps most striking in all this is the Israeli lack of imagination–or at least that is one way of looking at it. Nowhere in his hostile comments aimed at his various enemies on the global stage does Netanyahu give the slightest indication of having once thought about halting the settlements and pulling back to Israel’s internationally recognized pre-1967 borders. Ditto with the other Israeli officials quoted above, with the lone exception of the Arab Knessett member. It is almost as if the idea has never even occurred to them.

If that  is the case, one could perhaps ascribe all of this to a lack of imagination. Certainly at this point, after 68 years of oppression, is probably does indeedrequire considerable imagination to conceive of how the two peoples could live at peace. But of course it wasn’t always so. And had Israel, starting in 1967, respected the people of the West Bank, and above all else respected their space rather than crowding them in with settlements and walls and soldiers, a peaceful resolution to the conflict probably could have and would have been achieved by this time.

Yet even now, it isn’t too late. Though it would be politically difficult, Israel coulddismantle its settlements (anything is possible when the national will is present) and pull back to the pre-1967 borders–basically the terms of the Arab Peace Initiative proposed back in 2002. If necessary, and it probably would be for a lengthy period of time, UN peacekeeping troops could be deployed along the border.

But Israel’s response to the Arab Peace Initiative was to call it a “non-starter,” and that seems to be its position today as well. And not only is there little prospect of dismantling of presently-existing settlements, but we see even a refusal to halt the construction of new ones. All of which would suggest that Ban Ki-moon is correct and that the settlement enterprise raises “fundamental questions about Israel’s commitment to a two-state solution.”

Or in other words, Israel has no intentions of making peace.

Certainly it’s possible that things could change, and that a new slate of leaders could arise in Israel with the imagination necessary to see the wisdom of complying with international norms of conduct. And that is what its more liberal Jewish supporters in America seem to be hoping for. But failing this, Israel’s wars with the rest of the world are likely to grow in stridency and ferociousness, and at some point could expand from the realms of diplomacy and/or covert operations fully outright into the military arena.




UK rag The Telegraph: ‘US intelligence to conduct EU-wide investigation into Russian spies infiltrating European organizations’ – WRITTEN BY Beau Brendeland & Niall Bradley

American Intelligence chief James Clapper: ‘Am I not awesome? Look at how exceptional I am!’

The recent Telegraph exclusive publishing specious claims by ‘anonymous US sources’ that Russia is covertly ‘undermining EU unity’, specifically by conducting “Kremlin influence operations” and infiltrating political parties, is the latest in a long line of hysterical nonsense from the self-styled ‘exceptional’ rulers of the world. Can you believe the gall of these idiots? Their lies are so obvious, you can only shake your head at how desperate they have become.

By the time we came of age, the paranoid insanity of the “Red Menace” had long become something to look back and cringe at. ‘Russian spies dividing Europe’ was the hallmark of a Cold War in which every subversive (and often violent) act of US foreign policy was justified because ‘the Russians are doing it’. The US has been, and is, infiltrating various European political parties – and even Russian ones – via its Orwellian “Non-Governmental Organizations”, spreading US influence and buying politicians who will be subservient to the Empire. And that’s just the ‘soft power’ stuff. There’s also a sordid history of overthrowing governments, rigging elections, bribing (and even assassinating) leaders – and it’s an unbroken chain right up to the 2014 overthrow of the Yanukovich government in Kiev. So it is rather galling to see the US State Department accusing others of doing something for which it is infamous.

The Telegraph article is itself an example of the Western elites doing what they accuse the Russians of doing. Not only are these Anglo-American hypocrites spreading false information, in the process they are projecting what they are doing onto the Russians, whose ‘crime’ is to take an independent stance on certain global issues. Others have already ripped the claims to shreds, so we just want to draw your attention to a couple of points.

Here we have a British ‘newspaper of repute’ (one that is notorious for operating as an arm of British intelligence) announcing that American intelligence will conduct a “major investigation” – led by US Director of National Intelligence James “not willfully” Clapper – into the Kremlin’s ‘infiltration’ and alleged secret funding of European political parties over the last decade. Additionally, The Telegraph informs us, Washington is “becoming concerned about” Moscow’s alleged efforts to undermine NATO, block US missile defense and undo the Western sanctions imposed on Russia after it rescued Crimea from Ukraine’s deadly embrace with Western ‘civilization’.

This is so ridiculous, we don’t even know where to start. NATO is being undermined by the fact that this Cold War relic is the planet’s only military bloc; by the fact that it has expanded right up to Russia’s borders; by the fact that it unilaterally launches illegal wars of aggression; and by the fact that it is coming under ever-tighter control from the US Pentagon, to the detriment of its European member-states.

The sanctions against Russia are harming EU countries more than they are Russia, so there is no need for Russia to ‘covertly stoke dissension in Europe’ over them. By blaming Russia for that, the Washington Crazies can clamp down on such dissent in Europe. At this rate, some day soon, a European official is going to be accused of ‘treason’ for saying something that goes against the US government position (more on that later).

And as for Russia trying to block the US installing missiles in Europe, of course it is: they’re pointed at her!

In a move that was clearly coordinated with the British government, The Telegraph‘s ‘bombshell’ cites an “unnamed senior British government source” chiming in (like the good poodle he is):

“…it is really a new Cold War out there. Russia’s meddling is taking on a breadth, range and depth far greater than previously thought. Right across the EU we are seeing alarming evidence of Russian efforts to unpick the fabric of European unity on a whole range of vital strategic issues.”

For about a century now, so-called ‘European unity’ has been founded on Anglo-American hegemony and manipulation. A key element of hegemony is that the hegemon can brook no ‘rivals’. Russia, being the largest country and economy in Europe – or Europe’s largest neighbor, depending on your geographical or geopolitical standard – is naturally best positioned to replace the USA as ‘guardian of Europe’. The Anglo-American elite is determined to prevent this from happening, which is why it dreams up extreme and fantastical stories about Putin’s alleged crimes. The Russian government, on the other hand, merely has to report the truth for Western lies and crimes to be exposed. In this respect, yes, Russia’s efforts to play fair are, by default, having the effect of unpicking the fabric of lies on which US-controlled Europe is built. But all it needs to do to achieve that is hold up a mirror – no “subversive infiltration” required.

© Wikipedia / National Library of Australia
19th century anti-Russian propaganda. Plus ça change, plus c’est la meme chose…

By contrast, anyone hoping that the Telegraph would be transparent – i.e., provide facts to support the Americans’ extraordinary claims – will be disappointed. All the newspaper could do was suggest that it has been privy to a mysterious dossier on “Russian influence activity” which details “Kremlin influence operations” in France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Scary!

Imagining for a moment that the Anglo-Americans actually do provide facts to support their claims (highly unlikely), since when did exerting influence on people become a bad thing? In the civilized world, where such ‘influence activity’ involves payment, it’s generally considered to be bribery. In Washington and Brussels however, it’s called ‘corporate lobbying’, and is considered to be the pinnacle of democratic government.

So with clear echos of the McCarthyism of the 1950s (the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence), the US intelligence review is set to “examine the extent to which Russian security services have funded European political parties, charities, and NGOs, allegedly with the express aim of undermining political cohesion”. Unlike the 1950s however, there’s isn’t even a ‘ghastly Communist ideology’ to mask the obvious target of Washington’s ire: Russia and anyone suspected of sympathizing with the Russian government.

The Telegraph cites a visit by an Austrian MP to Crimea last year, on a fact-finding mission to gauge Crimean public opinion about the territory’s return to Russia, as evidence of “Moscow-based destabilization” in Europe. French politicians have engaged in similar ‘disloyalty’. Italians too.

The ‘reality-creators’ in Washington and London have essentially declared that any criticism of US policy by European politicians, even indirectly, or even just the impression of it, is evidence of Moscow infiltration and subversion. You don’t want fracking operations in your neighborhood? You were made to think that way by the Kremlin. You don’t like the IMF-EU-ECB Troika crushing labor movements and decimating social services? You were made to think that way by the Kremlin. You don’t like NATO blowing up brown children and enriching American weapons manufacturers? You were made to think that way by the Kremlin. You don’t like Wall Street taking over your country via TTIP or TPP? You were made to think that way by the Kremlin.

Anything that might be construed as supporting Russia is verboten under US hegemony. And that is the dark underlying message behind all this. Russian diplomacy and business affairs at the state level have been impeccable since Putin came to power, so European leaders can’t help but be drawn to Russian trade and Russian initiatives. The target audience of the Anglo-Americans’ McCarthy-esque accusations are Europeans, who are warned that they will be publicly exposed as ‘communists’, and likely face punitive measures, if they ‘associate with the enemy’.

The Telegraph article – and the US ‘intelligence review’ it advertises – is another power move by Washington, a not-so-subtle message to Europeans who might be reconsidering their allegiances. The message is: ‘you will be investigated, you will be considered as being under Russia’s influence, and you might even be punished for any transgressions’. That is the extent of the fascism that has spread from the US to Europe. If Europe continues allowing the US to control it, it will become just as fascistic as the US already is. Will Europeans stand up for what they know is right, or will they bow down to their imperial masters and allow the US to, for all intents and purposes, take even greater control of Europe? This is more than a regional issue: the fate of the world is in the balance.

It is, however, a desperate gamble by the US ‘elite’, and one that we can confidently say is not going to work. In reality, normalizing relations with Russia is what is best for Europe – and the world – since it represents sane and humane government, in contrast to the power-hungry and psychopathic ‘Western order’, which projects its own actions and motivations onto anyone who dares stand up to it.

In truth, of course, the reason why social justice movements, traditionalist organizations, politicians of every stripe, and conscientious people the world over see Russia in a positive light is because they have seen all the good Russia does in fighting ISIS, protecting the Syrian people, being a peacemaker, and showing respect for national sovereignty. In Putin they see someone who is not afraid to stand up to the bully. Don’t underestimate the sense of empowerment this engenders in human beings. The Anglo-American elite certainly don’t.


Beau Brendeland (Profile)

Beau Brendeland, a Wisconsin native, has been a SOTT editor since 2006. A long-time non-believer in what we’re told by the media and government, he is focused on exposing the lies and disinformation they feed us and studying the accompanying decline of civilization. When he’s not waging information war online, Beau enjoys eating bacon and smoking cigars in the company of many animals and good friends.


Niall Bradley (Profile)

Niall Bradley has a background in political science and media consulting, and has been an editor and contributing writer at for 7 years. His articles are cross-posted on his personal blog, Niall is co-host of the ‘Behind the Headlines’ radio show on the Sott Radio Network and co-authored Manufactured Terror: The Boston Marathon Bombings, Sandy Hook, Aurora Shooting and Other False-Flag Terror Attacks with Joe Quinn.

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UN: Israel has no excuse to evade CTBT ratification – WRITTEN BY SOTT

Lassina Zerbo, Executive Secretary of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO)

A senior UN official says Israel is now left without an excuse to evade ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) after a nuclear deal between Iran and the West. Lassina Zerbo, the executive secretary of the CTBT Organization, said with the implementation of the nuclear deal, Israel’s biggest pretext for refraining from ratifying the CTBT has been taken away. He made the remarks to a week-long conference marking the 20th anniversary of the treaty being opened for signing in the Austrian capital, Vienna.

The Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty has 196 members but the treaty has not entered into force because it still needs ratification by nuclear-armed signatories such as the US, China, Israel, India, Pakistan and North Korea.

Zerbo said Israel is “the closest” of the signatories to ratifying the treaty and assuring the world it will never conduct a nuclear test explosion. That is because “the biggest threat for Israel is gone and over” after Iran reached a nuclear agreement with the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany in July, he said.

An open secret for decades, the Israeli atomic stockpile is estimated at some 200-400 warheads, though Israel refuses to confirm or deny its existence under a policy of deliberate ambiguity. Israel is also refusing to sign the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and denying international access to its atomic arsenal. Zerbo said he is hoping to visit Israel and talk to its leaders although he doesn’t expect immediate results on ratification. “I think that they’re the ones who can unlock what is stopping the CTBT from moving,” he said. Zerbo is also hoping to visit Iran, which signed CTBT in 1996, to convince the country to ratify the treaty.

The Islamic Republic says its nuclear program is aimed at generating electricity. The country is an NPT signatory and its nuclear facilities are open to regular UN inspections which have not found any diversion.

Zerbo, however, said if both Iran and Israel signed CTBT, it would “provide momentum — first for Egypt to ratify the CTBT and then to start negotiations for a nuclear test-free zone in the Middle East. You can’t jump and get a weapon-free zone in the Middle East if the CTBT isn’t ratified,” he said. Israel’s arsenal is the only obstacle to a Middle East free of nuclear weapons because no country possesses a nuclear arsenal in the region other than the Tel Aviv regime.

Zerbo also said China won’t ratify the CTBT before the US, India won’t ratify before China, and Pakistan won’t ratify before India. He also emphasized that US action is crucial in this regard.

He said North Korea is the least likely country to ratify the CTBT. The UN official said the international community needs to change the way it engages with North Korea. “What they need at this point in time is… maybe a bit of respect and dignity in the dialogue we have with them.”

Comment: It is dubious that Israel is the “closest of the signatories to ratify the treaty.” It has kept its nuclear program and arsenal count in secrecy since inception and apparently has the leverage to keep on doing so. The non-sigs are playing a game of stand-off, dangling global nuclear holocaust as their ploy. Anybody comfortable with that?

See also: Japan: Military has orders to destroy N Korean missile

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When defense ministers meet face to face in Moscow, you know the subject is critical.   General Sergei Shoigu, the Russian Defense Minister, could have easily called his Syrian counterpart, Lt. General Fahd Jaasim Al-Furayj, and talked over the telephone or even on secure lines.  But, this subject demanded the highest level of secrecy in a world in which all conversations are vulnerable to eavesdropping.  SyrPer has learned from one its sources that this meeting was planned to coincide with the Geneva-III conference which, as we believe, will result in no immediate end to the conflict.  In fact, that position is bolstered by Stefan DiMistura’s own statement that the talks will not conclude for 6 months.  Russia is not willing to simply wait for the exiled Syrian opposition to gather its senses and bring a unified position to the table.  There are other developments which have to be addressed.

My source wrote that the Russian government is deeply concerned about Turk movements north of Jaraablus and Al-Manbij where the Syrian Kurdish forces are planning a final assault to seize those towns from ISIS.  That is the first area of concern.  The second, according to Wael, is the timing for the SAA and RuAF assault on Jisr Al-Shughoor.  General Shoigu is pushing the Syrian High Command to finish off Kinsibba as soon as possible despite weather delays and the grotesque geography of the area.   The third area of concern is a rapid deployment of new weapons systems the Syrians have not seen before and which, the Russians believe, will bring the battle more quickly to an end.  The SAA, however, has to be trained to use the new ground equipment and the 2 generals discussed the logistics of absorption and training.

Most importantly, the Russian military is preparing to counter Turk movements in northern Syria which they view as essentially designed to appease the Saudi monkeys as far as 2 conditions are concerned:  1.  ISIS must not be defeated by the Kurds and 2.  Turkey must establish a salient inside Syria in which terrorists like Ahraar Al-Shaam, Jaysh Al-Fath and Alqaeda/Nusra can operate freely with a claim to Syrian territory.  This last condition is extremely dangerous because it will require Turkey to use its air force over Syrian territory which will trigger the use of Russia’s vaunted S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems, not to mention Syria’s own formidable array of Russian-made missiles.  We are looking at the start of a bigger war and the Russians wanted to make their position clear to the Syrian Army’s high command.  I am told that a separate coordination group would be established to deal with the new stressors in the north.

That Turkey is participating in this crack-pot scheme hatched by the inept, simian Saudis is testimony to the insanity of Erdoghan.  With his country floundering economically after the imposition of Russian sanctions and the Kurds champing at the bit to establish their own de facto state, one would think Erdoghan might temporize, or even, balk at the idea of involving his country in an existential battle with the one nation Turkey has never defeated in battle despite 18 bites at the apple.  This insanity will play out for all to see.  It is this kind of mental derangement which brings about military coups d’etat.  We are all awaiting General Necdet Ozel’s next move.

Wael says that the Saudis have vowed to compensate Turkey for any economic losses.  But, the Saudis are nearly broke.  They have terminated plans for a new health policy in the country because of a diminution in funding.  As I wrote before, the Saudi Ministry of the Interior has alerted 12,000 Saudi students that they would not be receiving financial assistance for studying abroad for the near future due to a budget deficit.  The war in Yemen is starting to cost this kingdom of apes billions of dollars for equipment and mercenaries – forgetting the cost of supporting tens of thousands of terrorists in Syria.  The Saudis must have seen Erdoghan coming.

In the dark hallways of this stage are the Iranians who have yet to flex their muscles.  This will be quite a scene.



There’s a new book out about the Dirty War on Syria:

Penny doesn’t think her readers are paying enough attention to the Kurdish land-grabs:


NOTE TO READERS: I will be out of town until Sunday morning. I will post on Sunday and give the latest news about dead rodents.






1993 Belfast bombing blamed on IRA was actually carried out by British intelligence agent – WRITTEN BY CAHAL MILMO,MICK BROWNE

The aftermath of the Frizell’s Fish shop bombing in Shankill Road in 1993, which killed nine in a Loyalist Belfast community… was carried out by the British government and used to justify reprisal attacks against the Nationalist community

Highly-sensitive documents suggest terrorist who plotted attack that killed nine civilians in 1993 was British agent

The police watchdog in Northern Ireland is probing claims that the senior IRA operative who planned the 1993 Shankill Road bombing was an informant who passed on details that could have allowed the security forces to prevent the atrocity.

Nine civilians, including two children, were murdered in the attack on a fish shop in Belfast’s loyalist heartland 23 years ago which became one of the most notorious incidents of the Troubles and led to a wave of sectarian reprisal killings.

Highly-sensitive documents stolen by the IRA during a break-in at the fortified headquarters of the then Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) in 2002 have now been claimed to show that the terrorist who plotted the bombing was a British agent known as “AA”.

Leaks from the stolen papers suggest AA had extensively briefed his MI5 or Special Branch handlers on the aim and likely timing of the attack, which was designed to inflame sectarian tensions by killing the leadership of the loyalist Ulster Defence Association (UDA) terror group as they met above Frizzell’s fish shop on a busy Saturday in October 1993.

In the event, the UDA leaders escaped unharmed after rescheduling their meeting at short notice. The bomb, made with the powerful Semtex plastic explosive, instead killed Protestant shoppers and one of the bombers, IRA man Thomas Begley, as they carried it into the shop at lunchtime.

© Irish News
The IRA commander in Ardoyne was known to the British as ‘AA’. He is seen here in a propaganda video in the late 80s

The extraordinary allegations concerning AA, first reported by the Belfast-based Irish Newsnewspaper, raise the highly damaging prospect that British intelligence knew of the attack but failed to act quickly enough to prevent it; or even actively allowed a botched bombing of civilians to take place to place pressure on a faction of IRA still intent on pursuing violence and push its leaders towards accepting the peace process.

Comment: It’s justified when the British state does it, see? They only wanted peace, so they had to massacre innocents. Indeed, they were trying to bring ‘the Troubles’ to a close, but only because the top brass knew what was coming: the opportunity to do all this, and more, on a bigger scale in the Middle East.

The Independent understands that AA, who was identified by the IRA from the Castlereagh papers in 2003 but escaped retribution from its notorious punishment squads and still lives in Belfast, may even have had custody of the bomb the night before the attack, allowing time for the device to be rigged to blow up his comrades.

The original plan had been to set a fuse just long enough for shoppers to be evacuated and for the bombers, disguised as delivery men, to escape. Instead, the device exploded as Begley reached the counter while surrounded by customers.

Comment: In all likelihood, it was remotely detonated at that moment.

The Police Ombudsman for Northern Ireland has confirmed that it was formally assessing a complaint received last week from a relative of one of the victims of the bombing asking for AA and his relationship with either the RUC Special Branch or MI5 to be investigated.

In a statement on behalf of the ombudsman, Dr Michael Maguire, his office said: “We have received a complaint. It centres on two concerns: Did the RUC have information which would have allowed them to prevent the bombing and was the subsequent investigation compromised; [and] did the police ‘fail to deliver justice to the families of those who lost their lives in the bombing’?

“We will seek to establish if this is something we should investigate, and if so, when we could begin this work.”

The allegations add to an already heavy caseload for the watchdog concerning claimed collusion between the security forces and terror groups on both sides during the Northern Ireland conflict. They include the killings in the 1980s and 1990s of at least 20 alleged IRA informers whose relatives in some cases believe their loved ones were used as scapegoats to cover the tracks of the security forces’ most important IRA agents.

The burglary on St Patrick’s Day 2002 at the ultra-secure Castlereagh police headquarters was one of the most embarrassing and flagrant security breaches suffered by the RUC, since re-named the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI).

The raid on the Special Branch offices netted files giving the codenames of British agents in Republican terror groups and records of information provided by them to their handlers. Millions of pounds was spent re-housing many of the informants and their handlers to ensure their security.

In order to reveal the true identities of the British agents, the IRA set up a special unit to pore over the informant messages and match them with the terror group’s own intelligence records. It took more than a year before the mole hunters were able to pinpoint “AA”, who was then “stood down” by the IRA’s ruling Army Council but allowed to remain living in the nationalist Ardoyne area of north Belfast.

Sources have disputed reports that AA, who is now in his mid-50s, had been the commanding officer of the IRA’s Ardoyne brigade and suggested he had in fact been its intelligence officer, in charge of plotting dozens of attacks, including the Shankill Road bombing.

The Castlereagh documents are understood to show that in early 1993 AA was passing back to his handlers details of the IRA plot to target senior UDA figures, including leader Johnny Adair, and the chosen location of the room above Frizzell’s fish shop as well as likely dates for the bombing.

Investigators will want to establish whether information from AA could have been passed to the UDA leadership to ensure their meeting was rescheduled on the day of the attack; and, crucially, whether there is any evidence that his handlers allowed the bombing to proceed to protect their source and ultimately strengthen the hand of those such as Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams inching towards a cessation of the campaign of violence.

Relatives of the victims called for a full investigation. Charlie Butler, who lost three members of his family, said he and other families would be “devastated” if the allegations were proved to be correct.

He told BBC News: “Collusion is not a nice word for anyone but when it is collusion with innocent people losing their lives to protect someone else there has to be a line drawn to say that is wrong.

“[The security forces] were there to do a job, to protect people. If they knew about [the bombing] then they should pay.”

Comment: There is nothing ‘extraordinary’ about this incident. It’s standard operating procedure for British and American false-flag terrorism.

Patsies Framed For Omagh Bombing Appeal, Evidence Suggests British Intelligence False Flag Operation

British Government’s Agent Provocateurs Exposed

Behind the Headlines: British Terror in Ireland – Interview with Anne Cadwallader

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LATAKIA:  When Salmaa fell to the Syrian Army and its allies, it didn’t leave much to which the terrorists of Alqaeda/Nusra could cling.  We now have only the areas of Kinsibba, `Aarah, Kubaani and Tu’ooma to clean out and the entire province of Latakia will be rat-free.  Only the weather, with stiff winds and blustery snow-fall has delayed the onslaught.  But, just as it is cold for the Syrian Army, it is even colder for the rat terrorists who are now on the verge of humiliating expulsion from the province they so much wanted to possess, if not for its strategic value because of its maritime outlet to the Mediterranean, then, for its morale-boosting effect, the province being the home to Qardaaha, Dr. Assad’s ancestral town in the mountains.   Here, as we read on the walls of Salmaa, the terrorists were intent on embarking on a campaign of genocide against the native Alawis and Christians.  No more.

As I write, the Syrian and Russian Air Forces are blasting this town, whose inhabitants abandoned it 2 years ago, out of fear of a massacre.  The RuAF is flying continuous sorties from Humaymeem AB south of Latakia City near the suburb of Jabla.  I am told that the aerial attack is not taking into consideration the preservation of the town’s homes.  This is an assault whose aim is to exterminate the Chechen and Daghistaani trash holed up in it.  (As a note:  the Syrian cleric and champion of the Palestinian cause, ‘Izzeddeen Al-Qassaam originated in Jabla.  His name has been used to designate rockets designed by Hamaas for use against the Zionist Settler State and refers to a fighting unit in Gaza).


ALEPPO:  “Zero hour” is only hours, or, maybe, days away.  The Syrian Army is bolstering its forces with new recruits from Latakia who have joined the PDC, units from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SSNP), HZB and the Republican Guard.   T-90 tanks have been seen in the eastern part of the northern capital near the recently liberated Kuwayris AB.  There are other new weapons being deployed.  It is our prediction that the invasion of all terrorist-infested areas of Aleppo City will start before the Geneva-III conference.  It will cast a pall of defeat on the terrorist-supporting sociopaths who have been invited to sit with the legitimate Syrian government and negotiate what they cannot – a stop to the violence.  Only Ahraar Al-Shaam, a terrorist organization, par excellence, is banking on some progress and is demonstrating its willingness to lay down its arms by engaging in war against its former ally, Nusra/Alqaeda.  



«معركة حلب الكبرى» تنتظر التتويج ومقتل العشرات من «النصرة» في إدلبQatar and Tal-Hattaabaat have been liberated as of 4 days ago.  It was reported that the terrorist rodents simply abandoned their positions once they saw the T-90 tanks approaching.  These tanks appear to be impervious to the TOW missiles given to them by Obama.  (Note to readers:  the photo above is not of T-90 tanks.  The SAA is not permitting photographs of new technology in the field.  Below is a stock photo of the new tank.)


Ballooza Village:  Just liberated in the East from ISIS.


Al-Baab:  SAAF destroyed a series of fortifications in preparation for the assault on this crucial border town.




بتوجيه من الرئيس الأسد.. رئيس هيئة الأركان يتفقد قوات الجيش بالشيخ مسكين __________________________________________________________


Salqeen Town:  In an effort to reduce tensions at a time when the Syrian Army is blasting its way into new territories, leaders of a faction belonging to Harakat Ahraar Al-Shaam Al-Islamiyya met with leaders of Alqaeda/Nusra right in the center of town.  This touching moment of reconciliation was commemorated by the Syrian military with a direct strike from a Toschka (OTR-21) rocket which killed 31 rats and wounded scores.   According to reports, all the leaders were vaporized in the attack.  This wonderful celebration took place on January 25, 2016.  These Toschka’s are being used very effectively by the Yemeni freedom fighters against the wretched and largely useless Saudi army.



Al-Tamaani’ah:  We can confirm the deaths of 19 rodents of Nusra/Alqaeda with 53 wounded.  Along with the rats, the air force destroyed 3 pickups with various cannons aboard and a van carrying mortar rockets.



Mork (Al-Mawrik):  A headquarters for the ISIS-linked groups, Jund Al-Aqsaa, was destroyed by precise artillery fire.


Al-Sayyaad:  SAA artillery and rocket fire destroyed another headquarters, this one belonging to the Alqaeda-linked Ittihaad Al-Islami li-Ajnaad Al-Shaam (The Islamic Union of Soldiers of Syria, yawn), which is almost 100% foreign. No other details.


Sukayk and ‘Atshaan:  7 rodents were killed and 6 wounded in 2 separate operations.  No other details.


Lihaayaa:  The SAA destroyed a pickup with 23mm cannon and a rocket launcher.


Ma’arkibba Village:  4 rats and their pickup with cannon were all sent to Hell:

‘Umar Al-Mushtaaq

Noori Muhammad Sa’ab

The other 2 were not identified.


Kafr Zaytaa:  The SAA destroyed a headquarters belonging to the presciently-named, Liwaa` Shuhadaa` Kafr Zaytaa, the Martyrs of Kafr Zaytaa Brigade.  7 rats were killed including this:

Muhammad Al-A’raj  (The group’s leader)


CARTOON OF THE DAY:  (Thanks, Hans Helffer)








Khaled Nawaz Al-Nouri sends this great view of Salma and its conquerors:

Ziad has always insisted on war crimes charges being brought against G.W. Bus, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair.  Now see this:

Here’s a nice addendum to my article about the refugees yesterday.  (Thanks, Nick Reardon)

Brandon pours more gasoline on Robert Ford, America’s resident War Criminal and mass murderer:


WILE E. COYOTE MOMENTS: (Thanks, Anonheart)







Turkish PM threatens to crush YPG/J; Turkey bombs YPG HQ; Chomsky interview – WRITTEN BY UNDERCOVER1


After his meeting with US vice-president Biden, Turkey’s prime minister Davutoğlu has threatened to deal militarily with YPG/J, the main ground force fighting ISIS. Davutoğlu made it clear that the Turkish state regards the YPG/J as equivalent to the PKK (Kurdish Workers Party), with which it is at war since the ending of the cease-fire. Currently Turkey has besieged scores of Kurdish towns and cities across Northern Kurdistan (affecting nearly 1.5 million people) and has killed dozens of Kurds (see list below) as part of its ethnic cleansing programme. Turkey, of course, is no stranger to genocide, having been responsible for the genocide of 1.5 millions Armenians. Now, according to Davutoğl, Turkey is prepared to invade Syrian territory to crush the Kurds who are fighting ISIS. Meanwhile news has come in that Turkey has bombarded YPG headquarters in Tel Abyad (Update #1), Amnesty Internatioal has released a report condemning Turkey’s attacks on Kurds (Update #2) and Noam Chomsky has described president Erdogan’s assaults on the Kurdish community as ‘murder’ (Update #3).

See also: Interview with resistance fighter from North Kurdistan & Turkey’s ‘deep state’ terror squads: the ‘spycops’ licensed to kill

UPDATE 1: News has emerged how last Tuesday evening the Turkish army fired artillery shells at the headquarters of the Kurdish forces of the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in the city of Tel Abyad, just over the border in Syria. There were several casualties and armoured vehicles were destroyed. Tel Abyad had been captured by the YPG from ISIS last June. Wheat silos were also bombarded by Turkish tank deployments. (Interestingly, the Turkish military never attacked the town when ISIS controlled it. Also, according to one report more than a thousand Turkish soldiers are now deployed in Syrian territory, with no resistance offered by ISIS.)

UPDATE 2: “Amnesty International calls on the Turkish government to end the indefinite curfews in Kurdish neighbourhoods across east and south-east Turkey. For several months, Amnesty International has been urging the government to end disproportionate restrictions on movement, including round-the-clock curfews, and other arbitrary measures which have left residents without access to emergency health care, food, water and electricity for extended periods. The draconian restrictions imposed during indefinite curfews, some of which have been in place for over a month, increasingly resemble collective punishment, and must end.” Full report (dated 21 January 2016).

UPDATE 3: Interview with Noam Chomsky (calls Turkish president Erdogan a murderer):

Back to main story…

Turkish PM Davutoğlu – who, with media help, exploited his meeting with Biden to consolidate Turkey’s opposition to Kurds (see image below) – said that “Turkey reserves the right to strike YPG in northern Syria just like it strikes PKK terror organization’s headquarters in northern Iraq’s Qandil Mountains if it considers YPG’s actions as a threat”.

Note… It has been estimated that close to 200 civilian Kurds have been killed by Turkish state forces since August of last year.


Civilians murdered by Turkish state:

Here courtesy of @syndicalisms are the names of 83 Kurds killed by Turkish state forces since the beginning of January 2016…





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