The jig is up. We’re looking at you – WRITTEN BY KAYE LEE

To the Business Council of Australia (aka the Biggest Con Artists) et al,

The jig is up. You have been playing the Australian people for mugs for too long.

For too long you have been feeding us lies. For too long you have been buying politicians with your ‘donations’ which should be called for what they are – bribes.  For too long your lobbyists have been dishonestly portraying your contribution to a society you clearly care nothing for.

There used to be a time when integrity and trust were important in business. No longer.  Today, profit is king.  Rampage your way in, squeeze every cent you can out of it, then choof off to the next scene for your rape pillage and plunder.

The lower wages are, the better you like it. What you fail to understand in your greedy rush for short term profit is that the less disposable income people have, the less customers you have.

It wouldn’t matter what level of taxation you are supposed to be paying, you would whinge it was too high.  You would rather pay a fortune to accountants than to pay a brass razoo in tax.

There is no social contract anymore.  There is no feeling of obligation to contribute to the well-being of the people who make you your profit or the stability of the country that allows you to trade and provides the infrastructure for you to do so, to contribute to the health and education of your workforce.

Stop looking on employees as a burden. Without us you would make nothing.  Big companies don’t employ people through altruism (unless there is a government grant to do so).  Without workers your capital is useless.

Our society should be a partnership but when one partner is secretly siphoning off funds, as your clients are, it’s time to rethink that partnership.

It is most certainly time for tax reform and now that we have a glimpse of the truth, we know where to start.

Forget raising the GST. Forget co-payments by stealth.  Forget the welfare inquisition.

Kate Carnell, Catherine Livingstone, Innes Willox, Andrew Michelmore – we’re looking at you!

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