Murdoch Media were able to pull the greatest illusionist Act since Federation.
By relentless saturation of Media and continuous repetition of concocted lies and partial truths were able to create in Australian minds a virtual reality in which the Coalition under Tony Abbott became almost believable and the Labor Party were the villains of Australian Politics.
The Labor Party had been a very good government with an output of great many pieces of legislation which benefited a great many people of all parts of society.
All that good work was covered by the tons of deceptive statements continuously issued by Abbott and Murdoch.

Labor record

From 2007 to 2013, the Federal Labor Government worked hard to build Australia’s future. Here are some highlights.
•We abolished Work Choices
•We increased hospital funding by 50%
•We increased the age pension by more than $100 for singles and $76 for couples.
•When we were all threatened by the GFC we did what we had to do and Australia came through stronger than most countries.
•We developed a single national school curriculum with a focus on the basics.
•We invested in new cancer research and treatment centres.
•We funded over new nurse training places every year and now we’ll have an additional 1,300 GPs qualified or in training by 2013.
•We delivered Trade Training Centres for hundreds of schools.
•Despite setbacks we tackled climate change with record investment in renewable energy like solar.
•We cut taxes in the last three budgets.
•We made records investment in infrastructure like highways, rail and ports.
•We started building a National Broadband Network
•We created thousands of new education and training places and university places.
•JOBS: More than 890,000 jobs were created since we were first elected.
•INTEREST RATES: Interest rates were at 2.5 per cent in late 2013, compared to 6.75 per cent when the Liberals left office.
•MENTAL HEALTH: We delivered a multi-billion dollar mental health package that offers additional services and a greater focus on prevention and early intervention.
•AGREEMENT ON CARBON PRICE: We cut pollution, invested in clean energy and protected the environment by putting a price on carbon.
•EDUCATION AND SKILLS: The Government doubled investment in school education, upgraded facilities at every school, and provided more information for parents than ever before. We delivered the skills and training required for the jobs of the future, through our $3bn Jobs and Skills package. An additional 150,000 students are now attending university.
•SUPER: We started increasing Australian’s retirement savings through an increase in superannuation from 9 to 12 per cent.
•PENSIONS: 3.5 million pensioners are up to $207 better off for singles and up to $236 better off for couples combined each fortnight as a result of Labor’s pension changes.
•NBN: We began to deliver affordable, high-speed broadband to all Australians and Australian businesses no matter where they live. NBN means better education, better healthcare, and better access for Australian businesses to the biggest marketplace in human history.
•HEALTH: We means-tested the private health insurance rebate, which means low and middle income earners will no longer be forced to subsidise the health insurance of higher income earners. And we invested billions in dental care. Our dental scheme made it as easy for 3.4 million kids to see a dentist as it is to see a GP and significantly boosts public dental services for Australians on low incomes.
•PARENTAL LEAVE: More than 230,000 new parents across Australia are benefiting from up to 18 weeks leave under Labor’s Paid Parental Leave scheme.

And all this great record of achievements was hidden by the Coalition and Murdoch by them placing emphasis on the lies that were created to discredit the Australian Labor Party.
Then unfortunately those that normally do not place a lot of interest in politics were slowly driven to believe everything that the Murdoch media and Abbott and Co said.
The smoke and mirrors insidious trick worked wonders for the Coalition and now thousands of people throughout Australia are paying the consequences of their lapse in good judgement.

It is quite amazing how Abbott and his Ministers continue behaving as they were when in opposition
They continue to hide facts and reality behind the deceptive veil of say nothing , see nothing, hear nothing.


In Parliament they do not respond to questions with an intelligent coherent answer, they resort instead to behave in the following manner:

a) They use their trash from their electoral campaign. Use their favourite mantras and slogans.
b) And finish off their “ alleged” answer by blaming everything onto the Opposition Party.
c) In summation: no question was answered, just hidden by their Smoke and Mirrors trick.
d) The Speaker of the house : Bronwyn Bishop aka Dolores Umbridge
e) Has become from day one of the Parliamentary sittings an incredible biased person who only seek to gag the opposition for the most trifle imaginary transgressions and by not allowing the Labor Party to debate anything.
f) In summation: Democracy is being gagged and cannot function at all to the extent that this is now a Fascist Government who hide everything from the public and does not allow the opposition to perform according to Democratic standards.

Editorial cartoon.