The IPCC clearly stated that as time passes it will be more difficult to stop the rapid deterioration of the World climate situation until we get to a point of no return.
The warming of the planet is increasing pace and so is the melting of the glaciers with the inevitable rising of the sea levels.
The traditional seasons are practically non existent.
The intensity and frequency of storms and cyclones is creating super storms with devastating consequences for world populations and  food supplies shrinking as a result of the storms.
Conservatism think tanks however continue on their insidious path negating Climate change simply because anything we do to delay it and stop it affect the profitability of Global corporations and the profit margin of the Magnates whose only concern is greed not the present and the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

We must therefore do it with people power. Not only exerting pressure on governments and corporations but by our own actions.

There are now more than a million households with solar power energy in Australia. More are needed, as well as by voting for those political parties like the Australian Labor Party whose platform advocates for the well being of all peoples and our Planet.





Not like Abbott and Co. whose intellectual capacity cannot handle subtleties and progressive thinking ;
Winston Close

Climate change: Abbott and Co’s achilles heel.

My opinion is :
Tony Abbott and Co. continue to regard Climate Change as crap. Their rhetoric treat this highly important issue for the well being of current and future generations and our Planet’s survival with arrogance and denial.
For them science and reality are not important. We must understand that their closed minds and of Conservatism in general only care about themselves,about they being able to continue doing business with no regard to what harm they do to Earth and the peoples living on it.
After all Tony Abbott said ” We have a mandate” . What he really means is we have a mandate to create an environment in Australia and worldwide where Global business can act without restraint and where they can sing their mantra : Greed is good and where their Think tanks can train and foster new generations of Conservatives to support their ulterior motives.

Please read this great article by Ross Gittins in Sydney Morning Herald.

Climate change: Dear grandchildren, I can only say sorry.

Abbott and Co. Mystery Tour ……………


When a Government is elected it means we the people of Australia have employed them to look after the Country and hence look after its people.
The Coalition once elected shut themselves off in their Ivory Tower thinking they now have a free hand to serve their ulterior motives: care only about themselves and their “mantras”. In their Party mindset believe that the Country is a balance sheet with only numbers. They cannot comprehend in their closed mind that our Country is people, not faceless people, not cold and impersonal numbers.
Then they behave like little Dictators that do not have in mind to Govern in a transparent manner, keeping us informed of what they do and why. Their response is : “ We have a mandate”.
Do they mean a mandate to do whatever they want, when they want without telling anyone what they do?
Little they seem to know that as we voted them in, we can easily voted them out.
Their behaviour in Parliament is one of showmanship. They bully the opposition and independents and minor parties to shut them down & say, don’t ask questions : “ We are not going to tell you anything”. They throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want and act like a Fascist Government. On top of this, they have appointed a Parliament Speaker who is ostentatiously partisan and who has no sense of decency and impartiality.
Really they’re killing Democracy and the Governor General should protect us and sack them and request new Elections.

PM’s top adviser trapped in a time warp

PM's top adviser trapped in a time warp.

Maurice Newman is a vicious and heartless man whose mindset has a small and brittle sense of decency.
His views are typical of Conservatism in the World whose aim is to break down any opposition to their greed and mantra : Greed is good.
They want uneducated and poor masses, small medium class so that they can manipulate them with ease and in the process create huge corporations to control governments and countries with little opposition.
In other words they wish to create a World economy with them at its control.

Delusions of an Insane Leader of the Australian Government

Indeed Tony Abbott must have bipolar disorder which manifests in his Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde behaviour.
Knowing him too well over the years and lately as opposition Leader I can’t fathom the depth of his delusion when in a speech to the Western Australia Liberal Party last weekend said this :

‘’We will restore accountability and improve transparency measures to be more accountable to the public’’.

Can you believe this man ? He obviously thinks that we are all stupid, and that by constantly repeating lies they will become true.