MEMBER OF THE LABOR PARTY. Passionate supporter of Labor values. The Party for all Australians

Member of the Labor Party. Passionate supporter of Labor values. The Party for all Australians
Tony Abbott & co. continue to ignore Australians , not dignifying themselves to pay attention to our plight and well being as well as the consequences of Climate Change to out country and the world.
They try hard to dumb down the population by continuously uttering lies whose sole purpose is to hide their insidious plans. Plans which have one thing only in purpose to create an environment where they can easily manipulate the masses to serve their will .
They possess a self belief of being the masters of Australia by right of birth and purposely ignore the consequences of their actions.
All of this being is being supported by the Dark Lord of Media Rupert Murdoch and the the think tank the IPA (Institute of Public Affairs) one of the many think tanks worldwide which were created by the powerful magnates to give them the right environment to manipulate the masses and act freely.
One of the things they do want is to reduce the middles classes because they believe they’re becoming too educated and prone to find out what they are doing and expose them.